Spearfishing Garrick Splash Rock Port Edward

Spearfishing Garrick Splash Rock Port Edward

It was a beautiful morning and my friend Brandon and I decided to go to our local spot at casino beach to see what we can get. As always we go past splash rock first to check out the water conditions and it was looking very good. It was not that calm but visibility seems […]

Deep Sea Spearfishing Experience Sodwana Bay

On Wednesday I finally got the chance to go on a boat out to sea to do some spearfishing. I got lucky our pastor at church who’s wife hasn’t been out to sea in two years decided to go and I got invited. I couldn’t sleep the previous night I was so excited and nervous […]

Spearing Big Rock Salmon Eastern Cape

Eastern Cape Spearfishing Shallow Reefs

There is something about flat calm water that just gets me excited. And when its on a shallow reef then I get even more excited. I like hunting reef fish, looking among the rocks and in caves for bronze bream or cave bass is always a thrill cause you just never know what your going […]

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