South African Christian Lifestyle Blog

South African Christian Lifestyle Blog

As you have read by now, my life has been pretty hectic and full of all sorts of missions and inner struggles. I have never thought about blogging partly because I didn’t really want all my skeletons out the closet for the world to see. I was scared of being judged by everyone. The main reason I never blogged was: I dealt with my past and I didn’t feel like digging up everything again and relive hurtful emotions. South African Christian Lifestyle Blog

Then I packed a small bag one day and said I’m going traveling up the coast and document my journey as I go along. It started out as a traveling spear fishing blog with ads, banners, affiliate links and all sorts of ways to make money, but slowly changed into what it is now.

God spoke to me and said: ‘ the gospel is free, use your life, write for me and inspire’. I got caught up in the whole money making side of it and lost focus on the essence of why I actually started to write online. God kept at it and night after night I said ‘ no, I can’t do it, I’m not mature enough and I’m scared of judgement’ I eventually deleted all my links and banners and started writing my story. I don’t know where this blog is going to take me and maybe I don’t even care.

Just needed to let go of the past once and for all. I do have one wish though: that it would land in the hands of the people who would really be inspired by it. Someone who’s down and out and need some encouragement to get up and carry on with the race. South African Christian Lifestyle Blog

I also think there should more South African Christian blogs out there for guys who can’t seem to get ahead in life. Guy’s who desperately need God to pluck them out of their darkness and despair to give them new hope and a reason for living. We need all the inspiration we can get in this messed up world and what ever your story is I hope you would consider starting a blog and so help those who need some guidance.

I am quite vulnerable now and have not even started to promote my writings, but I will. When I finished my last post about the past I was so relieved. Feels like I can breath once more because I went deep again and brought up old feelings. I’m so tired of emotions now that I just want to feel nothing for like a week 🙂 South African Christian Lifestyle Blog

I want you to know something else. Jesus is always there and so eager to help those in need. Come to Him and He will let you swim in the cool waters of peace. Here you will find rest for you’re soul. I could not have overcome all my anxiety and substance abuse without Him. Just look at the wonderful experiences He has given me and His awesome creation to enjoy. Almost all of them with no money, just blessings from above. He wants the same for you, let go of your vices and give Him your burdens. He shall then take you on a new road, away from evil and destruction. Trust me on this, it is true, not easy may I add, yet so worth it. South African Christian Lifestyle Blog

I have my own little business as a web developer and don’t make a lot of money, R1800 a month on average, sometimes less. Half of that goes to business expenses and rent so I’m left with nothing, but God provides, that’s for sure. Not always with money because I can’t work with money, but He sees what I need and gets it to me. I live in a cheap one bedroom place and there are times when I go hungry too. You can read about it here. I too get very depressed and lonely and anxious around groups of confident people, seeing them so happy.South African Christian Lifestyle Blog

Or you see couples being in love, sharing a meal and being affectionate. I know that sometimes it’s easier faking a smile than explaining why you are sad. I used to over analyze situations so much because I’m scared of what will happen if I’m not prepare for it.

But I have this strength, this unwavering trust in Jesus that everything will be all right. My mind is clear and my emotions controlled. My struggle is not the same as yours maybe but sadness and hopelessness is the same across the board. I have been hunted by these same wolves and lived to tell the tale. Change is possible, you just got to want it bad enough and then go for it. God will take care of the rest. Follow His voice and He will make straight your path. South African Christian Lifestyle Blog