Vilanculos Beach Mozambique

I have never been to Mozambique and I’ve been dreaming about crystal clear waters and calm flat seas for quite some time now. The opportunity arose and I got invited to accompany two guys to Vilankulo, deep into Mozambique. As I always do I research the place before I go there and see what the spearfishing conditions are like. That’s all I really care about and I was really excited. Things we’re looking promising. So on the 6th of August we set off. I managed to scrape together R1400 and we were planning to stay for a month. The one guy bought a piece of land there on the beach and is going to build himself a cabin. It’s a far drive and the Mozam traffic police are relentless and thoroughly corrupt, 60km to 80km is the speed limit and it’s 830km to our destination, yes it is quite a drive.Vilanculos Beach

After 2 days of travelling we arrived and it truly was beautiful. We camped right on the beach under the palm trees with a flat calm ocean just meters away. We ended up staying 2½ weeks and in that time I just relaxed, swam in the sea and walked on the beach. At night we ate and talked and I went to bed early most of the times. As for shooting some fish, well, Vilankulo is the gateway to the Bazaruto Archipelago and from the main land to the island is just this huge sand bank with no reefs in between and absolutely no fish. Getting to the islands is expensive, however we did manage to book passage on the merchant dhow Amelia that was taking stone to Benguerra island for 200 mets return, that’s cheap. We stayed there for about an hour or so and that was enough to get a feel and enjoy the island vibe, got a bit too much sun but that’s ok.

Mozambique is a very poor country and when I got back to SA I truly was so grateful for the little things I have. God wanted me to see Mozam, to open my eyes and not just see His creation but to appreciate the stuff I take for granted. Those people work very hard and the government don’t give them grants or look after them like they do by us. There its survival, if you don’t work or go fishing or do something for money, you don’t eat. Vilanculos Beach

All and all it was a very good trip. I mean if you look at the pictures, its paradise and I shouldn’t complain but I did wish I had more money so I could enjoy a local meal at a restaurant with other travellers and not have to count my pennies every time I want to buy something. It is expensive there or rather when the locals see a white man they think tourist and of course lots of money, so they try and rip you off all the time and push the prices up high. Do not trust just any local and when they start saying “ai, no problem my friend, I help you” get away and do your own thing.

Everything is ‘ no problem’ which eventually becomes a problem. Also there’s not much to do on the main land and its all about the islands. Plus the fishing is non existent from the main land and tuk tuk’s are also not cheap to venture far where apparently some reefs are. I did get sold a fake spearfishing licence ha well that was my own fault. If you do underhand dealings to save a buck or two then yep that’s what you’ll get, a rip off or a fake. So let this be a lessen for you all. When you are in Moz or any country for that matter, always stick to the laws. Do things by the book. I think it is Paul who wrote to obey the laws that has been set in place by a country. By obeying the laws you will never have to look over your shoulder or fear getting in trouble because your conscious is clear.

I am thankful that God has kept us safe on the road and for the opportunity to see this beautiful country. Mozambique is the first stamp on my new passport. Hopefully soon it will be Madagascar.

Vilanculos Beach