Sodwana Bay Beach Images, HD Gallery.



Sodwana Bay beach is a really beautiful place. There are plenty of photo’s out there but this is a full beach guide that takes you from the entrance and parking area all the way to the beach.


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Sunrise over Sodwana Bay


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Road leading to beach park entrance


Road splits left and you can take either one to enter




Please remember they do not allow dogs in the park and are very strict about this so don’t even try.


Parking At Sodwana Beach


Parking Spots


Leading towards the beach right


More parking right


Leading up to beach


on the left side of the bay


Beach stretches for miles


Back to parking you’ll get ablution blocks


More parking


With the gate behind us you go straight on the road


boat launch just head straight, there is only one road, left side will be the craft markets, still early, 6am
Craft shops by the entrance
More crafts and art
Little bridge


Left side of bridge.


right side of bridge


Around the corner to more parking and launch area


Place to turn



Left turn for boat launch, right turn for Mseni lodge, Coral Divers, Amoray diving and Silver Sands grocery store


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taking right, do not walk up if your tired, its a mission uphill 🙂


Sodwana bay boat launch checkpoint, here they will photograph your vehicle license and boat number


Head on up to beach area for boats


1st corner


2nd corner down


keep left for boat launch



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Keep left


And onto the beach, with dive stands on either side and beach cafe to the right.


Coral Divers stand


Amoray Diving beach stand


Sodwana Beach cleanup crew


Scuba Center beach stand


Scuba Center


Boats lined up for launches, we had some heavy rain and the river divided the beach properly. Its not always like this but as rivers go, they jst go through where ever they want.

To the far left of the bay you will find Reef Teach & Adventure Mania stands



Reef Teach beach stand
Reef Teach beach stand


Reef Teach
Reef Teach


Reef Teach boat being packed and ready to go


Adventure Mania
Adventure Mania beach stand


Adventure Mania
Adventure Mania



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Flat seas


Mid high tide going low, the rocks are all under water and the current is very strong coming off the reef into deeper water.
Rocks under water high tide going low
High tide
Tide pushing out exposing the rock pools
Outgoing tide more rock pools


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Looking back up the beach from the water edge
Now this is on the right side of the beach. The pools are nice to snorkel but the current here can be hectic when you go deeper and suck you out quickly, so always wear fins just in case mr current decides to take you on a little joy ride out to sea


Going further towards the right are some nice shells to pick up and pools to swim in, agian be careful of the currents. On a day like this it is a stunning morning beach walk.


Still right side of bay
Right side going up to shop
Jesser point getting more flat as the tide goes out.


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Jesser Point rock pools exposing


And on full low tide, this the place to snorkel, just off the ledge.


Beautiful tropical fish to see and pick handle barracuda often get hooked on spoon or drop shot


Snorkeling around the corner, here you will almost always find a size school of juvenile king fish just past the front reef into deeper water


Another pic of the snorkeling area


So flat and calm, boats always pass further out making it safe to snorkel here


This is what makes this beach so special, and underwater is even better with the most beautiful reef fish swimming about.


Someone fishing




The pain and suffering I went through to get ya’ll these pics 😉


Rock pools Jesser point


Rock pool


Pulpit right


left of pulpit


Pulpit rock, this a nice place to snorkel, the current is strong here so try to go in on a spring low. Some nice caves here with big fish swimming around


This is me


Me on jesser point
Scuba Center briefing on the beach


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Back up to the beach cafe

Behind Amoray Stand some info boards


Stairs behind Amoray diving leading up to cafe area


Beach cafe order window and prices


View from beach cafe
Walkway going up to small dive shop and showers


Walkway down right going to beach and left up to showers.


Go past the beach cafe right to go up to showers.


Another view from the side of the cafe, straight ahead is coral divers always busy and front boat is scuba center.


Reaching the top is showers left, the bath where you can wash your gear off and right is the air fill station


Remember the split in the road just before the beach, if you turn right you go to the showers, air fill place and the Coral Divers shop


Air fill station


Bath to wash gear and showers


Behind cafe to right


Another view from top


Coral Divers beach shop, I have been in there a few times and they have nice gear and beach wear,


View from the beach shop


Looking back


View from behind beach cafe again


And that is it folks now you have a clear picture of what Sodwana Bay beach looks like. This place is really special and the diving here is world class. Your going to have a lot of fun.



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