Sodwana Bay Town Full HD Gallery

This is a comprehensive picture guide to Sodwana Bay Town and what to expect when you travel here. I will also tell you about where to find the best places to eat, get free wifi and places to stay #SodwanaBayAccommodation.

As you know Sodwana bay is a scuba diving and fishing/spearfishing paradise and people from all over the world flock here all year round eager to jump into the cool water and see the magical underwater reefs and abundance of sea life. Just the other day a new species of sea horse was discovered here so you can imagine the possibilities this place holds.

Sodwana is not a big town. It consists of a few shops and restaurants and then the rest are diving lodges and accommodation establishments. There are plenty of travelers here and you will soon make new friends and share your underwater experiences. So without taking up any more of your time let me show you just what you are in for when you plan to visit this beautiful place.

Take note it was overcast when I took these images, but rest assured that you’ll get plenty of sunshine and its hot here in the summer months November to Middle April. Towards the end of the gallery there are some sunshine pics yay.

So before you enter the town there are some lodges further up close to Mbazwana and then also lodges down at the beach like Coral Divers which is probably the biggest dive operation here and also Mseni Beach Lodge

A note on traveling with your pet, some lodges here don’t allow pets in and under no circumstances do they allow dogs, even small ones on the beach. There are pet sitters around but I mostly rely on friends to look after Liefert when I go spearfishing.


For the complete beach gallery click here

You can click on the pictures to enlarge and get a better view.

Start of Sodwana Town. Turn left here for Mabibi and Reef Teach dive lodge

Driving towards Mabibi is quite a mission and you have to have 4×4 or a van that can handle the soft beach sand roads. Although I have not been there myself I did go to Lala Nek and Black Rock which is the same way and its all sand roads. Black Rock and Lala Nek are two beautiful secluded beaches and has the calmest bays with plenty of reef sections.


Reef Teach dive lodge, about 100m from main road


Sodwana Bay has lots of cows in the road.


Looking from the other side to Reef Teach Lodge And Ogwini


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To the right you will find the road to The Tree Restaurant.


Sodwana tea room


Some half built lodge


Discover Vilanculos Mozambique. The Gateway To Bazaruto Archipelago



The Tree Restaurant Sodwana Town and laundry service
The Tree peri-peri steak strips with salad

This little place is quite cool, it might not look like much now but at night the tree in the middle lights up and it has a cozy atmosphere inside. There’s no loud music blaring in the background and its a nice place to relax and have a meal.


Next stretch of road has a liquor store to the right and road to Jesser Point Boat Lodge

Small butchery to the left in the dip


Road to Crafters Lodge, Jesser Point Boat Lodge, House of Exodus, Microlight Airfield, A Day in Africa Lodge and Shayamoya Lodge


A Day In Africa Lodge,

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Shaya Moya Lodge


Microlight Airfield Sodwana Bay


Jesser Point Boat Lodge


I have not yet been in here but according to the peoples this place is stunning and the facilities are great. Click Here Jesser Point Boat Lodge to check it out


Small Butchery Sodwana



White Pearl Resorts Ponta Mamoli, Zitundo, Mozambique



Microlight Airfield next right, there are a few roads leading towards it.


Occi Lodge to left


Occi Lodge



Craft Shop opposite Shark Museum


Ma Shop, Shark Museum, Occi Lodge Sodwana Bay


So this little place has a shark museum and the ma shop is where you can find the most delicious cakes and baked goods and all sorts of sweet treats. Be sure to try out the koeksisters here they are damn good. Occi Dive and Spearfishing Lodge is just next to it.


The Ma Shop
The Ma Shop cheeseburger





Look at that, yum






Inside Shark Museum Sodwana


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Tiger Shark


More Sharks


Little Sharkies

Teeth of Ragged Tooth Shark


Teeth Of Tiger Shark


Teeth Of Bull Shark


Further down is Siyathokoza take away shop with tasty chicken and chips and local shebeen to the left


Space for staff to stay left

Camp Jonothan turn off left


Check out Camp Jonathan availability.


Ngunis Restaurant, Anglers Cove and Adventure Mania


Rustic Ramble


Ngunis restaurant
Nguni burger




Ngunis restaurant has Wifi and I’ve only had the ngunis burger which is very tasty. The white sauce that goes with it brings out the flavor.





Rustic Ramble 2


Craft Shop 1


Inside Craft Shop 1


This is Revive and has some beautiful crafts and clothing items.


Inside Revive


Adventure Mania and Tamboti Art Shop


Tamboti Gift Shop


Tamboti Gift Shop Sodwana


Maak n Jol Sodwana Bay
Maak n Jol Beef Burger



Also the home of Liefert’s girlfriend, a cute white chihuahua. They also serve good food and have a nice pool area.



Turn of to Nautilus Lodge

There’s never a shortage of wood for a braai/bbq


Sodwana Bay Lodge


Sodwana Bay Lodge Entrance


You can check out Sodwana Bay Lodge availability here.

I have been to their restaurant once and had a lasagne which was nice. They do have Wifi but you have to pay for it and it is way too expensive.


Opposite Sodwana Bay Lodge Entrance.

Natural Moments Bush Camp Sodwana


Natural Moments Bush Camp Sodwana Availability



Crafts along the road


Local grocery store Sodwana Bay


Icecream Parlor and Coffee Shop


This is also a nice place to just sit and relax on a nice sunny day. The serve pizza’s, coffee and ice cream among other things. The lady is so friendly and kind, she always looks after Liefert when he goes on one of his missions around town. I’ll try and take a better picture when its sunny.


Last Section of Sodwana Town


Sodwana Spa Entrance


Visagie Lodge left The Lighthouse Restaurant Right


Liefert on Lighthouse Restaurant Steps Sodwana and the Rip Curl Shop.


Lighthouse Restaurant Sodwana Bay
Pizza at the Lighthouse


This place is my second home. It has free Wi-fi and the pizza’s here are one of the best I’ve had. Its a thin base pizza full of flavor and the price is not too bad either. The owners also lead the local church and although I can’t always afford something to buy they still let me use the Wi-fi and are always kind to me, which is truly a blessing.



Vis-Agie Lodge Left Pisces Dive Lodge Further on Right
Steak strips Vis-Agie Lodge



Vis-Agie’s gets packed in season and has a nice vibe at the pool area.


It is one of the dive instructors at Pisces diving that discovered the new sea horse species, maybe pop in sometime and ask her to show you


Sodwana Bay Church Entrance Gate Right


This local church is open on Sundays from 4.30pm till about 6pm. It is not a traditional church building but rather at the owners of the lighthouse restaurant’s house. Traveling can be tiresome and sometimes be spiritually draining and yet when you enter this little church you immediately feel revived because of the friendly and cozy atmosphere and can feel the love. Cell group is on Tuesdays from 5pm to about 6;30pm and this is when we all just get together and have fellowship with other Christians. We have pizza evenings and there never a shortage of sweet treats that the ladies prepare. They also have pastors coming from Durban sometimes to give a sermon and helps us connect with other churches.



Sodwana Spa, Dive Shop and Coffee Shop


Sodwana Spa


This is also where i spend a lot of my time. Here too is free wifi and the people here are so friendly. If you fancy getting pampered then this is the place to be. You can visit the website at and book online. This website is also one of my latest projects and should you need some advice for your online marketing projects you can email me directly on and I’ll be more than happy to help.

Please note that I have not been to all the places in Sodwana and thus could not write about them all. You are welcome to contact me for a guided tour 😉 of your establishment and I’ll be happy to feature it in this article and do a small write up.

Feel free to comment and make any suggestions that would benefit the town and get people to visit this beautiful place.


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