Deep Sea Spearfishing Experience Sodwana Bay

On Wednesday I finally got the chance to go on a boat out to sea to do some spearfishing. I got lucky our pastor at church who’s wife hasn’t been out to sea in two years decided to go and I got invited. I couldn’t sleep the previous night I was so excited and nervous at the same time. I have never seen a shark and its practically guaranteed to see a few out at sea. So I set my alarm for 5 snoozed till ten past and then finally got up.

Because I’m traveling very light I limited gear I have a small pair of fins, a dive knife, a 700mm rail gun with two rubbers one 16mm and one 14mm, a pair of gloves and a low volume saeko dive mask. My gun is a bit small I know but it packs a punch and anything within a three to four meter range is going to die 🙂 well I can sometimes be a terrible shot. We got there at 5.30 packed the boat and luckily they had an extra wet suit and weight belt for me. Six o’clock we were off and half an hour later we were in the water. Thanks to some guys who helped us push the boat in and soon we were heading off to some well known spots where the couta sometimes gather. We saw a big shoal of bait fish and decided to jump in.

The ocean is clean and blue. As I’m preparing I said a silent prayer and whatever happens whether we got fish or not I’m going to enjoy it. I checked my gear one last time and jumped in. The water was so cool and refreshing. We had flashers out and starting swimming towards the shoal. Its quite a rush drifting in the open sea with all sorts of creatures looming about but it also brings a sense of calmness over you. It was pretty deep about 19m and other spots were 30m, too deep for me but I managed to get halfway down at least and look around.

Sharks were swimming at the bottom and one came up towards the flashers and I swam towards it. Before I could get to him and experience a shark encounter up close I ran out of breath and had to go up. I was not scared at all and I remember thinking that I want more, I want them all around me, I wasn’t sure about the size yet but I wanted to see sharks.

We swam among the bait fish hoping for game fish to come in but we didn’t see any. The whole day went like that, go down bob around waiting for something to show itself and then nothing. Next spot go down, look around and still nothing. Saw big sea turtles though and I swam with dolphins, well as I jumped in they swam away but I got to see them up in the water, does that count 😉 Got stung by jellyfish couple of times and that’s never fun. I’m reluctant to say that we didn’t get any fish, lots of fish around but they are marine protected 🙁 I did however get to snorkel the beautiful reefs Sodwana is known for.

It really is pretty down there, so many colors gleaming in the sun and colorful fish swimming around. It was a perfect day and though we didn’t shoot anything I got to see sharks and that was good enough for me, but I really wanted to shoot something so I was a little bummed out, but that’s fishing.

I slept like a baby that night and I hope to be doing it again soon.

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