The Current Situation

Didn’t sleep very well last night. I was tossing and turning, constantly thinking. I get edgy when my money situation starts dwindling and rent is due, suddenly prices seem to matter more and I get angry because things are so expensive. I’m sitting at a coffee shop in Sodwana, trying to get clients to sign up. I hate it when people take their time to make a decision.

I have a small web development company. I make very little money and I mean very little. Let me give you a break down. I currently have R540 in my possession :). Some business man I am. My rent here is R840, I’m camping in a guy’s yard and he has a small run down cottage at the back of the property where I cook on a gas stove and there is at least some basic utensils and kitchenware I can use. Oh and he has fridge, that helps.

I pay him weekly a sum of R210 and guess what I can’t even pay that. See I have this thing with rent, no matter how small the rent is there will always and I mean always come a time when I can’t pay rent. But here’s the kicker, I hate working for a boss. In fact I despise it. Working your behind off for a couple of pennies, slaving away 8 hours a day just to pay rent, then you still have to eat. So when my business is not going well and I start getting stressed I tend to lose it a little and I don’t want to go work for a boss. I got very angry at a grocery store today. They are the only store here and they exploit the prices so much. I get angry yes. Anyway let me move on. So I’m trying to get clients to sign up, rent is due, my internet suddenly went from 3G to 2G aaargh. So I decided to write. You see the thing is when you have the internet on and you want to write about stuff you get distracted.

Suddenly you think of something that you quickly want to check out before you forget and when you see again an hour has passed without any work done. When I get stressed out or worked up like this I sometimes just email or phone a client that’s been keeping me hanging for far too long and I am now gatvol of phoning and just tell him straight “excuse me sir I’m getting somewhat tired of phoning or emailing you, I’m a very busy man (not really hehe) and either sign up or I’m going to close your file” bam send. I say this in not such a manner but I am being quite clear that he is hassling the cat now or he’s stalling big time and he needs to make a decision. That usually gets them to act quickly. If they say no then it was a no from the beginning and I move on, if they say yes then good, please sign the dotted line and lets get on with the show.

My product is good and I know it. Price is usually very good too, but only through experience do you learn who has got money and who doesn’t. Telesales takes confidence and skill but ultimately its a numbers game. So my mood has lighten a bit and at 5pm I’m going to cell group at our local church. The church is at a couple’s house and tonight she’s making Lasagne, yum. I’m poor so every free meal I get I’m there like Fred bear.

I think I should write at night when the hum of the day has gone and everything is quiet. But then I’m tired, guess i just have to apply discipline and consistency.

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